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How thirsty is your skin?

Pollution, UV rays,  and poor diet are some of the factors that cause skin dryness.
Dryness can also cause premature signs aging. To avoid this, it is essential to maintain good facial hydration daily.

Proper Facial Hydration Is Important

As we age, the capacity to generate and retain water depletes.
For adequate facial hydration there are two possible methods, internally and externally.

Internal hydration is carried out with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Pro tip: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

External hydration is achieved with the use of hydrating skincare products like facial creams and hyaluronic acid. These products provide skin with the necessary elements to keep it looking youthful, radiant and moisturized

The best moments to apply any hydrating creams or treatments are in the morning right after you wake up, and at night before going to sleep. Always make sure that your skin is clean before application.

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