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DNA Cream has added DNA protection factor, DNA repair factor, FGF, EGF that can protect skin do not damage from the external environment.
Fullerenes exhibit potent antioxidant activity, even acting as a “free radical sponge” that can be the skin ageing reaction adsorption, sweep away free radical from the basis and reduce the oxidation reaction. Fullerenes also can help skin for inhibition of inflammation, effective reduction of melanin production, activation of fibroblasts, improvement of fine lines and wrinkle resistance.

Skin Types: All skin types are applicable, especially useful in cold weather conditions or individuals who have an overall sensitive/dry complexion.

Capacity: 100mL

DNA Anti-Aging Cream (100 mL)


    How to Use

    Remove makeupCleansing GelTonerEssenceCreamDNA Cream

    All skin types are applicable, especially for cold weather or super dry skin.


    Main Ingredients

    Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) promotes cell proliferation and differentiation, thereby replacing ageing and death cells with new cells. FGF has the effect of accelerating the healing of skin, mucosal wounds, reducing inflammation and preventing ulcers. It can be used to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged epidermis.

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