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In this gift set, you will get three MOC exclusive new products:

1. NMN Pink Lady Cleanser – 100ML

NMN Time-Reversing Miracle Skin-Tightening Cleanser

Effects: Gently cleanses your skin, removes surface oils, makeup, dirt, and dust, while deeply moisturizing your skin and reversing skin aging.

NMN is a pore cleanser, it provides rich nutrients to your skin, gently cleanses the pores, absorbs excess oil secretion, and regulates water-oil balance.


2. NMN Pink Lady Essence – 40ML

NMN Energy Reversing Miracle Skin-Tightening Essence

Effects: Opens skin absorption channel and helps subsequent skin care products reach skin’s deep layers. It quickly penetrates skin surface, awaken skin cells, and promotes and doubles the absorption of the subsequent skin care products.


3. NMN Pink Lady Gel Cream – 30ML

NMN Time-Reversing Miracle Skin-Tightening Day & Night Cream

NMN moisturizer slows down aging. Take an appropriate amount of moisturizer and evenly apply to the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin with middle and ring fingers. Gently apply around the lips and face in a circular motion, apply in an upward and outward diagonal direction. For the forehead, use both hands to lift when apply.


Rich in NMN, it helps increase collagen production and resist the effects of stress factors, and slowing down aging.

NMN is the king of hydration, combining dual-patented moisturizing and molecular ointment (ceramide) to form a film on the skin, preventing moisture evaporation, and providing anti-sensitivity, reducing redness and wrinkles. It is best for sensitive skin!


NMN nourishes and revitalizes the skin. It comprehensively promotes skin renewal and repair during the golden sleep hours at night, replenishing lost collagen and hyaluronic acid, enhancing regeneration and firming effects from the inside out

It eliminates dull skin caused by aging, restores radiance and elasticity, and reverses skin aging. High levels of NMN effectively combat skin aging and sagging, enhance cell activity, strengthen skin metabolism, and keep youthfulness of your skin.


NMN Eternal Youth and Anti-aging Gift Set combines whitening, moisturizing, hydration, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and translucent luster in one set. It provides a complete repair and restoration of your skin the optimal condition. This gift set sets out as a comprehensive barrier to block external pollutants.

MNM PINK LADY GIFT SET For Anti-Aging (3 pcs)

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